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Welcome to Domus Daini’s blog, home to all the news about the “Roma Luxury Real Estate.”

Here you will find updates and information about the apartments in central Rome and curiosities about the refined materials used in the interiors of the luxury homes. You will fantasize on your terraced apartment in Rome and discover the advantage of buying a luxury penthouse in the city centre.

Take a closer look at all the news from the real estate sector and discover with us what it means to invest in a luxury property in Rome... to place a brick in your dreams!

Villa Borghese is the largest and richest park in Rome. Located in the city centre, a […]
Villa Borghese is the Romans’ favourite destination for quiet walks away from the chaos of the […]
Luxury homes worldwide are spread from Europe to the Americas, with spectacular examples in the Asian […]
Rome, the Eternal City, is the cradle of civilization and an open-air museum. In addition to […]
Rome is an extensive and heterogeneous city. Its neighbourhoods adapt to the needs of anyone who […]
Un immobile di prestigio nel cuore di Roma
Buying a prestigious property in the heart of Rome seems to be the trend of recent […]
Villa Borghese domus daini blog
Villa Borghese is the largest park in Rome, with an extension of about 80 hectares that […]
Living in the center of Rome or in the suburbs: where to invest in real estate […]