Living in the center of Rome or in the suburbs: where to invest in real estate in Italy

Purchasing a house in Rome can turn into a real long-term investment or, as Helio Cordeiro Teixeira defines it in an interview with La Repubblica, an actual “cashier’s check” … as long as you choose the right neighbourhood in which to buy your house!

According to a survey conducted between June 2020 and June 2021, approximately 2459€ per square meter is currently requested to buy residential property on sale in the Italian capital.

Now that homes have also become offices with remote working and sometimes “schools,” with distance learning, there is also a tendency to invest in large houses. These should possibly be equipped with open-air space and are therefore usually located in the suburbs.

Rome’s neighbourhoods: how to invest in the right one

How, then, can we invest in the right neighbourhood of Rome, based on our needs?

Rome is a large city but well connected by underground and surface transport. For this reason, the Roman real estate market is thriving both in the centre and in the better-served suburbs. To provide an example, Ostiense, Piramide and Garbatella, a few steps from the central areas and with a well-developed nightlife, are among the trendy new neighbourhoods of the city.

However, as you will imagine, it is the historic centre that has always represented the best area to place a safe and long-term real estate investment, and above all in terms of quality of life and a guaranteed economic return.

Finally, the areas near hospitals and universities should not be overlooked, either. They represent an excellent investment in hosting university students and health professionals who need to stay for medium / long periods.

Buying a house in the wealthiest neighbourhoods of Rome

Just as we expected, the most affluent neighbourhoods of Rome are precisely those located in the historic centre. The first places go to Pinciano and Parioli in terms of wealth, where Domus Daini, the brand-new luxury apartment complex behind the splendid Villa Borghese, is located. According to data released in 2019 by the Ministry of Economics, 9% and 13% of your neighbours would fit into the range of the city’s wealthiest citizens, with an annual income exceeding 120 thousand euros.

Real estate investment in Rome: four tips to avoid making mistakes

Suppose you are determined to invest in the Roman real estate market. In that case, we advise you prepare for the choice of the property, carefully evaluating four fundamental aspects:

  • The size of the apartment: the trend of the recent months shows an increase of investment in medium / small size apartments, for two-room or three-room homes ranging from 70 to 100 square meters. However, large sizes represent an attractive investment for those who want to portion the property in the future, to allocate it to their heirs.
  • Exposure: since we find ourselves spending more and more time at home, also to work or study, the proper lighting of the spaces is essential to ensure a valuable real estate investment.
  • The neighbourhood: as anticipated, the central districts of Rome are among the wealthiest and best served in the city. If reached by one of the three underground lines, even the suburbs represent an excellent real estate investment, especially those close to universities and hospitals.
  • The state of the property: with a good economic investment, in Rome it will be possible to buy a property that is completely renovated according to your taste.

Domus Daini: invest in a luxury property in Rome

Domus Daini is a luxury property in the Pinciano / Parioli district, behind Villa Borghese and well connected to the rest of the city, whose center can be easily reached on foot. Its 11 apartments for sale in Rome, available in small and large sizes, are a real dream investment, with green spaces, private spa, balconies, and terraces.

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Living in the center of Rome or in the suburbs: where to invest in real estate […]