Buying a prestigious property in the heart of Rome seems to be the trend of recent years. According to research carried out by, it seems that the demand for luxury properties in Rome has grown by 25% in the last year, for a niche sector that, despite this, represents an important slice of the value generated by real estate investments.
Potential buyers seem to prefer prestigious apartments in the historical centre, inside finely renovated buildings. However, the investors who are particularly interested in the Roman real estate market seem to be foreigners, also from overseas, to secure a dream home in the centre of Rome.

Real estate investments in Italy: who are the luxury investors

As anticipated, in addition to the many Italians who want to buy a luxury property in Rome, many investors come from abroad. According to the analysis carried out by, an increase of 24% is estimated in European buyers. On the other hand, U.S. investors looking to buy a prestigious property in Rome increased by 40%. In comparison, Asian investors increased by 80% from 2019. These are buyers interested in luxury properties with large sizes and mainly located in the historic centre of Rome.

The best neighbourhoods in Rome where to buy a prestigious property

The best districts of Rome to invest in prestigious property are indeed the central ones. Starting from the Parioli district, the residential area behind Villa Borghese, the most sought-after areas of the city are those located in the Salario district, at Flaminio and, of course, in the historic centre. The Pinciano / Parioli area, just behind Villa Borghese and Piazza del Popolo, is a flourishing context for renovating luxury properties. Among these, Domus Daini stands out. It is a residence of the ‘900 that houses 11 prestigious apartments with large living rooms and panoramic views of Parco dei Daini and the whole city of Rome.

The most important details to buy a luxury apartment in Rome

Investors who want to find a prestigious property in the city’s heart pay attention to some basic details: the square footage, brightness, area, technological equipment, and condominium services.

The characteristics of the best-selling houses in Rome

To begin with, we are talking about large apartments, ranging from 100 to 200 square meters, possibly with outdoor spaces and fine finishes. Panoramic views and bright rooms are among the most sought-after details in the new luxury homes. The strategic position, usually in the heart of Rome, should also allow investors to comfortably walk towards the historic centre of the city.
Among the most appealing houses, there is undoubtedly the villa on the outskirts, with extensive gardens and sheltered from the prying eyes of the neighbours to ensure your privacy.
Even luxury penthouses are now highly requested, as they allow you to live in the centre, enjoying large outdoor spaces and breath-taking views of the city.

A modern home with all the amenities

In addition to the square footage and exposure, new luxury property investors pay particular attention to the amenities and technological equipment of the apartments. Not to mention the additional amenities such as the fitness room or spa.

  • Home automation: a luxury home is also a modern home, with innovative alarm systems and the ability to control the lights, the intercom, the shutters, and appliances with a practical app.
  • Condominium services: in a true luxury building, the services must reflect those of an actual 5star hotel. The private spa, an indoor pool, and the inevitable fitness room are some of them.

Domus Daini: a new prestigious property in the heart of Rome

Domus Daini is a brand-new prestigious property located in the heart of Rome, just behind the Parco dei Daini, the area of Villa Borghese formerly dedicated to the hunting trips of the nobles of the city. This refined apartment complex houses 11 apartments of medium / large size, including a penthouse with a double terrace. The amenities, home automation and five-star condominium services are just some of the comforts that this space guarantees to its tenants.

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