Quality of life matters a lot, and in recent years we have learned more and more about it. Therefore, living in Lazio can be considered a real blessing! The countless Italian food and wine excellences, including at least four hundred agri-food products recognized as traditional throughout Lazio, are part of the many reasons why living in Rome is an unparalleled experience.

The regional panorama is rich in varied landscapes, from the sea and port coasts to the mountains and pastures of Rieti; from the hills and villages of the province of Frosinone, to the lakes and woods of Viterbo, up to the rich archaeological heritage of Rome and all central Italy. The Roman food and wine excellences also belong to the legacy of this area.

Roman cuisine, a precious mix of typical products

Roman cuisine is well known worldwide because it is full of iconic dishes. Have you ever heard of carbonara (the original one) or amatriciana? These dishes are made with the use of some vital products for the Roman culinary tradition:

  • Guanciale: it is a speciality of Amatrice and the surrounding areas, used in carbonara and amatriciana. It is obtained from the slightly smoked and spiced pork cheek. Guanciale is not Italian for bacon, although they might sound similar. It is fatter and used mainly in pasta dishes.
  • Bucatini: a traditional pasta shape that, thanks to its perforated look, is well suited for very fatty first courses, including, in fact, amatriciana.
  • Pecorino Romano: made with Sardinian sheep’s milk, pecorino Romano is also a typical cheese of Lazio. The true protagonist of cacio e pepe and carbonara.
  • Artichokes: Roman artichokes are without thorns and spherical in shape. The “Carciofi alla Romana” is a key dish of Lazio’s cuisine.

Street food in Rome: what are the specialties?

However, those who live in Rome also have the enormous fortune of being able to enjoy, as well as the innumerable typical taverns of the area, also a wide choice of quick products, to be consumed between a walk and another in the streets of the city. The protagonists of Roman street food are:

  • Pinsa: pizza’s ancestor, made with an elongated, exceptionally light, and digestible dough. It can be stuffed as you like for a quick lunch before heading back to work or shopping!
  • Pan pizza (“pizza in teglia”): the most loved by tourists … but also by the Romans! A piece of pizza in teglia, whether you like it crunchy, soft, stuffed, or plain, is a real treat for the palate.
  • Porchetta sandwich: this fast speciality, made with cooked and spiced pork meat, is the favourite meal of those who love to hang out late while having a chat in the open air. Porchetta di Ariccia in Rome (and surroundings) cannot be missed.

Living well is eating well

In Italy, as we know, food has a crucial place in the scale of the values and needs of the national population, which is why anyone who decides to move to Rome will find a rich regional and national culinary tradition. The metropolis is also full of ethnic restaurants to sample any type of cuisine and satisfy the culinary needs of all its inhabitants. How to ensure this lifestyle? Simple! Make Rome your city, too.

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Quality of life matters a lot, and in recent years we have learned more and more […]