Home is where we spend a lot of our time, where we build our family nest or relax away from the chaos of the city, whether we are alone or among friends. Fantasizing about being able to spend your days in actual prestigious apartments is quite common. If you are willing to invest in a dream home, you should start thinking about your preferences.

Dream villas and apartments in Italy

Italy seems to be the perfect setting for buying a dream villa or apartment with its art cities, lakes, mountains, and crystal-clear sea. If you are looking for your next dream home, it is essential to jot down a list of the main features you want to include in your luxury home.

Dream home interiors: fine finishes

The interiors of today’s dream houses (especially if located in Italy) are a perfect mix between the ancient splendour of historic homes and the most modern technological equipment that contributes to a comfortable life.

In Puglia, for example, the minimalist residences located in the Lecce area are well known, with their large windows overlooking swimming pools surrounded by olive trees. One of these is the “Gelso Bianco” in Martina Franca, a luxury residence obtained from the union of a set of trulli whose traditional shapes blend well with the modern aesthetic.

The luxurious interiors also characterize many residences in Capri, with high ceilings and libraries, or Villa Vecchiarelli in Rieti, which stands out for its abundance of decorations, marble, columns, and frescoes.

Villa with a garden in Italy

Whether you buy a villa with a garden or an apartment in the centre, green areas are essential for spending days in total serenity and relaxation.

The inhabitants of Omegna, on Lake Orta (Novara), know this well. Almost all the villas in this area have a garden with direct access to the lake and the possibility of mooring your boat for weekend trips.

In Pisa, on the other hand, you will find large green spaces in the San Giuliano Terme area, whose most luxurious villa includes a lemon house and a one-hectare park.

House with pool: a daydream

In a house with a garden, a swimming pool is a must. Even the prestigious apartments in the centre, located in luxury condominiums, offer their tenants luxurious indoor and outdoor pools for daily relaxation. Moving to the extremes of the Italian territory and reaching Trapani, in Sicily, it will also be possible to relax by two swimming pools in a delightful villa with an outbuilding in Marsala.

Where to buy the best dream apartments

To choose among the best dream apartments, which is the perfect one to buy, it is therefore essential to have a clear idea of the purpose of this investment. Are you looking for a second holiday home? Is it your “Home for life?” Do you prefer to stay in the centre and stroll through a beautiful art city or do you love the tranquillity of the province?

For the more mundane, who do not wish to lose the comforts that city life offers but who love to be in contact with nature, a dream home in Rome could be the perfect option. Among these, behind Villa Borghese and immersed in the greenery of the Eternal City, is Domus Daini.

Domus Daini: a prestigious residence in the centre of Rome

Domus Daini is a luxury residence consisting of 11 prestigious apartments in the centre of Rome, including a spacious 1066 sqm penthouse with a double terrace. The apartments, which start from 102 square meters and up, are all enriched with fine finishes, home automation equipment and extraordinary services, including two swimming pools, a spa, a gym, a private park and very spacious garages. It will be like living in a five-star hotel in the centre of Rome, a stone’s throw from the most famous streets of the city.

To receive more information on Domus Daini’s apartments for sale, contact domusdaini@nervispa.it

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Home is where we spend a lot of our time, where we build our family nest […]