What makes a simple property an absolute dream home are the details. In the best luxury apartments, these are cared for down to the smallest detail.

With fine finishes with the highest quality materials, condominium services worthy of a 5Star Hotel and cutting-edge technological equipment, the new prestigious houses lack nothing. Domus Daini, a luxury property in the centre of Rome, is not to be outdone.

Fine finishes: the guarantee seal of luxury homes

We hear a lot about it, especially on the real estate listings of the most valuable houses: these are the fine finishes or all those works that complete the structure of a home. Among the fine finishes, there are woodworks, wall panels, parquet, marbles, but also fixtures and windows. In short, everything that completes a house, as long as it is made with excellent quality materials.

Fine finishes are not, however, simply a whim of the owner or the manufacturer. They contribute to attributing the A1 real estate classification to a property, that is, that of luxury properties and stately homes.

The fine finishes of Domus Daini

Like all self-respecting luxury apartments, those of Domus Daini are also characterized by fine finishes. Specifically, the ML design studio of the engineer Lomoro has selected:

  • Two types of flooring: fine marble slabs for the living area and a cosy parquet flooring for the sleeping area.
  • Woodworks for the entrance and hallways.
  • Water-coloured fabric-effect paints for the walls.
  • Different combinations of marble for the bathrooms.

The finishes of all the Domus Daini apartments, moreover, are different for each housing unit. This detail allows providing individual buyers with a unique apartment, different from all the others.

Home automation: the dream of modern buyers

When we talk about details, we are not just referring to the finishes. A modern luxury home cannot ignore the technological implementations that make it a comfortable living space. Twenty-first-century luxury homes are usually equipped with electronic shutters and locks. The light control and heating and cooling systems are accessible from mobile phones, just like the household appliances automation.

Domus Daini: automation in a high-class home

As anticipated, Domus Daini also uses home automation in each of its apartments to make the living experience of its buyers more comfortable.

Among the main technological features of its modern homes, we find:

  • Security intercom
  • Digital and satellite TV
  • Sound system
  • Automation of household appliances
  • Resource Management

5star condominium services: how to live in a hotel

Luxury homes are such because they allow us to satisfy our every dream and need in total comfort. That’s why buyers prefer condominiums with 5star services, worthy of a real hotel in the centre.

Domus Daini also provides its tenants with dream condominium services, including a gym, two swimming pools, sauna, spa, wellness path, meeting room and a private park to walk undisturbed in the moonlight.

All this contributes to making Domus Daini an absolute dream home, whose unique details will certainly not go unnoticed.

For more information on the apartments still available, write to domusdaini@nervispa.it

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