With the term Smart Home, we refer to all those houses and apartments equipped with a set of intelligent devices connected to the internet and controlled via an app on the mobile phone. Suppose you are looking for a luxury property to buy. It will be obvious to look for a solution equipped with all the comforts, such as an excellent connection to the web. Among the Smart Homes in the centre of Rome, Domus Daini stands out for its innovative home automation solutions. Its devices, combined with the neoclassical spaces and fine finishes, make it an impeccable luxury home.

What are the devices of a Smart Home?

The devices that characterize a Smart Home are all those equipment connected to the internet via a Wi-Fi connection and manageable through smartphone or tablet. They make it possible to monitor the safety, comfort, and energy consumption, improving the well-being of people and reducing the waste of resources.

  • Security devices: smart homes allow you to monitor a house’s video surveillance and access systems via smartphone. There are smart locks, video intercoms with remote opening or anti-intrusion systems monitored via mobile phones, among the best-known devices.
  • Home automation for your comfort: thanks to the IoT (internet of things), it will be possible to increase your well-being at home with automated shutters, light adjustment and the possibility of opening and closing windows via a mobile app.
  • Energy-saving: a significant advantage represented by sensors connected to apps and appliances is certainly the possibility of saving energy in your smart homes. They allow you to control your house’s average electricity consumption, remotely adjust the temperature of the thermostat, and control your home illumination. Therefore, they will make it possible to reduce the cost of electricity and gas bills, limiting energy waste to a minimum while fully respecting the environment.

The advantages of a Smart Home in the centre of Rome

Living in a smart home in Rome’s city centre undoubtedly involves countless benefits:

  • Electric vehicle charging stations: every recent Smart Home has charging stations for the hybrid cars of its tenants. This feature will allow you to travel safely in the city centre without incurring in fines and with total respect for the environment.
  • Security: controlling access to your apartment with a smart lock and monitoring the home surveillance system from your smartphone will allow you to sleep soundly… even when you are away from home. Furthermore, the possibility of using your intercom remotely will enable you to receive deliveries when you are not in, or to simulate the presence of people when nobody is in the house.
  • Comfort: By adjusting the air conditioning and heating levels, you will always enjoy maximum living comfort. Also, changing the brightness and using voice assistants will allow you to automate the processes that make your life easier.

Domus Daini’s smart devices

Domus Daini is a true Smart Home in the centre of Rome, equipped with all those home automation devices necessary to guarantee the comfort and safety of its tenants.

The smart system, with remote control of lighting, blinds, air conditioning and much more, will enable you to protect the house from dangers and offer an experience of well-being to the tenants of each apartment.

Here are some of Domus Daini’s home automation systems:

  • Anti-intrusion system
  • Anti-flood sensors
  • Control of shutters, lights, air conditioning and thermostat via a mobile app.
  • USB sockets to charge electronic devices.
  • Security intercom.
  • Digital and satellite TV.
  • Audio system.
  • Household consumption management.

In short, a real luxury home cannot fail to be equipped with all the technological comforts. Domus Daini is the Smart Home in central Rome to guarantee total well-being while respecting the environment. Please write to us at domusdaini@nervispa.it to receive information on the smart apartments still available for sale.

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With the term Smart Home, we refer to all those houses and apartments equipped with a […]