Rome is defined by many travellers as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Apart from hosting one of the world’s seven wonders, the Colosseum, it is a place so permeated by history that it constitutes a real open-air museum!

We have created for you a long itinerary among the wonders of the eternal city: a walk that starts from Domus Daini, crosses most of the historic centre, and returns to your luxury apartment in the centre of Rome just in time to relax at the Spa!

Let’s go: Rome’s monuments and which to visit

Domus Daini is a luxury property behind Villa Borghese, consisting of 11 apartments for sale in Rome, of different sizes and equipped with all comforts. It is precisely from this dwelling that our journey through the wonders of Rome starts.

Villa Borghese, the heart of Rome

We will walk inside Rome’s ” green lung ” by accessing Villa Borghese from the Parco dei Daini, adjacent to our starting point. This park, also called “the heart of Rome,” is full of monuments, squares and services (the House of Cinema, the Shakespearean theatre, the Biopark). Also well-known are the Greek temples, including the temple of Aesculapius, located in the centre of a delightful navigable body of water.

Leaving Villa Borghese, we will head towards the Pincio terrace. A few steps from the park, the Pincio terrace is one of the most famous panoramic areas of the city to enjoy the beautiful sunsets over St. Peter’s Cathedral.

Piazza del Popolo: walking in the center of Rome

Descending the Pincio staircase, we will get to one of Rome’s most important squares in a few minutes: Piazza del Popolo.

Designed by Giuseppe Valadier, the huge ellipse-shaped square houses an obelisk and fountains in the centre. At the two ends, you can visit the twin churches of Santa Maria in Montesanto and Santa Maria dei Miracoli. The third church of Santa Maria del Popolo is located at the opposite pole of the square.

From here, we will take Via del Corso, one of the Roman shopping streets, until we reach the Pantheon.

Monuments of ancient Rome: Pantheon, Imperial Fora and Colosseum

The temple was dedicated, by emperor Agrippa, to the Olympian Gods and rebuilt between 118 and 125 .C.  The Pantheon is one of the symbolic monuments of Rome and houses the tombs of the Italian kings.

Crossing the centre of Rome, passing through Piazza Venezia, we will reach the breath-taking walk of the Imperial Fora. Here you can immerse yourself in the whole history of the empire, closely observing the areas of the old political centre until you reach the Colosseum.

Rome and cinema: Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps

From the Colosseum, we will start to head back towards Domus Daini. After observing the most famous arena in the history of man (and cinema!), we will head, retracing our steps, towards the Trevi Fountain. Here you can admire one of the most known monuments of Rome, join tourists in the famous “coin toss,” or fantasize about immersing yourself in the waters of the fountain in an absolute cinematic dream.

After crossing Largo del Tritone, we will arrive in Piazza di Spagna, from whose Barcaccia fountain you can admire the Spanish steps and walk towards the church of Trinità dei Monti. Beyond the church, we will quickly reach Villa Borghese to return, after crossing the wonders of the eternal city, in our luxury apartment in the centre of Rome. To receive more information about the Domus Daini apartments for sale, contact We will provide you with all the information you need to ensure that this walk can soon be part of your daily life.

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Rome is defined by many travellers as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. […]