We are a world leader in maritime transport. We operate in the dry cargo and tankers sectors and in instrumental services to core business activities.
Our identity is deeply rooted in the Italian entrepreneurial experience but has equally strong global connotations and vocation, careful in combining international development with respect for the family traditions of the company, relations with the surrounding district, history and the places in which we operate.
We have gradually increased our presence in the world with offices in key maritime mercantile centres supporting a strategy of constant development through a balanced commitment towards investments, client focus, respect and protection of the environment, experience, responsibility and expertise.


We are convinced that the contribution of individuals and the enhancement of their skills and professional capacities are major factors for the development of our market position.
Our management is entrusted to the experience of a solid and trained team of managers, itself a source of competitive edge in the realization of strategic guidelines.
We adopt management policies aimed at enhancing and developing our personnel as well as careful and meticulous management of crews, which represent the real distinguishing factor of our business success.​​


​Thanks to a large and technologically-advanced fleet and to the flexible operation of our ships, we are able to offer our clients an excellent service and ample geographic coverage.
Cornerstone of our strategy and strength is our constant commitment to the implementation of technical management policies and programs for our ships, always inspired in a framework of corporate social responsibility.