about us

Nervi S.p.A. represented by (in the person of) Alessandro Nervi, President and Managing Director, has been operating for over thirty years on the real estate market in Rome, with business extending throughout the country as a whole.


The company organization (Company) Nervi S.p.A. employs a qualified staff of selected professionals able to personally look after all aspects of sales and provide technical assistance and advice through to the final contract.


Nervi S.p.A.’s primary aim is to immediately establish a relationship based on absolute transparency with the buyer to achieve a shared result that takes into account the client’s needs, supporting him/her during all the stages of the negotiation.


Nervi S.p.A.’s target is represented by all those with an interest in the domestic and international real estate market, hence the idea to support the Domus Daini operation which best identifies with current needs.

domus daini

Experiencing classic avant-garde is the element that distinguishes Domus Daini. Luxury, elegance and exclusivity are the strong points of the new project taking shape in the heart of Rome.


In December 2010, the limited liability Company became a Joint-Stock Company to provide its clients with every guarantee of solidity and transparency. A Board of Auditors was established, with general and administrative legality control.

Pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231 dated 8 June, 2001, a management and risk control organization Model was adopted which obliges those who work for the Company to comply with a code of ethics and guidelines based on principles of fairness and practicality.